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Inform Her You Adore Her Via E-mail, Not Voicemail

Inform Her You Adore Her Via E-mail, Not Voicemail

Trending Information: Desire To Tell Her You Adore Her? Do Not Keep A Voicemail

How Come This Significant?

Because stop calling, bro. Just… stahp.

Long Tale Short

Brand New research implies a contact could be more effective in expressing feelings that are romantic making a voicemail message.

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Longer Tale

Understand that bit in Swingers when Jon Favreau calls a love that is prospective and leaves message after message on her answering device? Yeah, don’t ever do that. But brand new research indicates that perhaps you should not be leaving intimate vocals communications at all — that email may be the far better solution to communicate emotions.

Past studies (in addition to traditional knowledge) had recommended the alternative: that a voicemail message is a more intimate method to interact with others.