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Simple tips to Introduce your self in Spanish in 10 Lines (SOUND)

Simple tips to Introduce your self in Spanish in 10 Lines (SOUND)

Wish to speak Spanish? Yes? Good – read on. This can be for people who certainly wish to discover the language. Here’s the method that you introduce your self in Spanish in 10 lines that are easy and this could simply simply take you two to three moments or less. With this particular class…

  • You will get the phrases that are spanish translations.
  • Read out to train your speaking.
  • Go ahead and print this sheet away for additional review.

Here’s the method that you introduce yourself in Spanish. Let’s get.

1) My name is _ that is___.

This will be easy. To express “my name is” in Spanish, you simply require the word “ Mi nombre es. ” Then state your title. Therefore, keep me personally a remark below and include your title. Which is your introduction!

  • Mi nombre es _____.
  • I am _____.

Because of the real method, you’ll would also like to know Spanish while you check this out. Therefore, check always down this COMPLIMENTARY Spanish sound Lesson by Press play below.

2) Hello, It’s nice to generally meet you.

Hey and sweet to generally meet you in Spanish certainly are a must-know expressions. And any introduction shall may very well make use of these terms.

  • Hola, es un placer conocerte.

3) I have always been from ______.

So, where will you be from? America? European Countries? Africa? Asia? Just stick the title of one’s nation inside this expression. We’ll utilize Mexico as one example.

4) we live in ______.

Exactly What about now – where would you live? Simply fill into the blank with all the nation or town (if famous) into this expression. I’ll utilize Mexico City as one example since We utilized Mexico into the phrase prior to.

  • Yo vivo en la Ciudad de Mexico.
  • We inhabit Mexico City