Every university hookup you’ll have in your freshman 12 months

Every university hookup you’ll have in your freshman 12 months

Within the character of fresh begins and beginnings that are new here’s a round up of tales from freshman 12 months. Think about it as a highlight reel of all dating that is awkward you’ll experience before you then become a sophomore. If you’re currently a sophomore (or maybe more), benefit from the walk down memory lane to your times of your youth.

(the next tales are all real. They’re all within the person that is first but have either happened certainly to me, my buddies, or individuals we stopped conversing with the 2nd we recognized we wasn’t obligated become buddies with every person whom ever smiled at me personally).

First ever university kiss

My very first ever university kiss occurred in a frat cellar, 20 mins into a game title of alcohol pong. I became making my partner beverage for me personally, as a result of program I happened to be. I was (/am) additionally TERRIBLE at alcohol pong, to the stage if i didn’t make the next shot I’d have to kiss him that he bet me. We missed that shot. He kissed me personally. We left right after and not saw him once more.

Hope he’s doin’ well.


In the event that you don’t know very well what a party floor find out is, you’ve most likely at the very least experienced one.