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Through the heart: pay heart as an embodiment of sincerity

Through the heart: pay heart as an embodiment of sincerity

Research 2

Individuals generally speaking want other people to see them in a light that is favorablagee.g., Goffman 1959; Leary and Kowalski 1990; Sedikides 1993). Consequently, they might be lured to extend the reality. As an example, individuals understate how much they weigh in internet dating profiles (Toma et al. 2008) and exaggerate their achievements on resumes (Geoghegan 2005), particularly when there clearly was small potential for being caught into the lie. Folks are especially expected to self-enhance whenever reaching strangers that have small understanding of the former’s previous behavior (Tice et al. 1995), or if you have no possibility to afterwards validate their claims (Schlenker 1975). Nonetheless, if sincerity is delivered to mind, people may resist this desire, leading them to produce more self-presentations that are honest. In learn 2, we test whether physical feedback from an use that is unobtrusive of primes sincerity by measuring whether individuals take part in self-enhancing presentations.


Participants and design

Twenty-four right-handed students that are first-year22 females; Mage = 24.75; SD = 7.29) volunteered to indulge in the scholarly research in exchange for a program credit. Individuals made a hand-over-heart and a control motion (in a within-subjects-design) while evaluating their amount of knowledge of some bogus (non-existing) mental theories.