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The custom of wedding in Sapa Vietnam

The custom of wedding in Sapa Vietnam

Tourists to Sapa are most drawn by its unique traditions, such as the custom of wedding.

Tourists to Cat Cat are most drawn by its unique traditions, like the custom of “pulling spouse” of H’mong people. A person can ask their buddies to attract a lady he wants to their household and keeps her there in 3 days.

A wedding will be held during these days, if the girl agrees to become his wife. But, your ex can joyfully go homeward after three times if she will not like him.

Clan groups are exogamous: that is, Hmong may well not marry inside their very own clan group; a wedding partner needs to be discovered from another clan.

For instance, a Xiong might not marry another Xiong.

Nonetheless, they’re permitted to marry bloodstream loved ones from their mom part (Neejtsa), including the kiddies of the bro and sis can marry simply because they could be from various clans.

Usually, each time a child really wants to marry a lady, he’ll make their motives clear, and can “snatch” (zij) her during day light or night at any possibility that is appropriate. This will be usually merely a kidnapping that is symbolic. Before kidnapping her, the child must first offer a present into the woman whom he desires to marry. The boy can then kidnap the girl after a couple of days. In the event that child hasn’t offered something special towards the woman, this woman is permitted to refuse and return home with any grouped member of the family whom comes to save lots of her.

It ought to be noted that it is a vintage tradition that is seldom practiced today.