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5 methods for GAY dating within the media that are social

5 methods for GAY dating within the media that are social

OK, I’ll acknowledge I’m going for a spin down (we’ll call it a reply weblog) from #Mashable’s 10 strategies for #Dating into the #Social Media Age, but that wouldn’t have a quick listing of dating strategies for the gays? That knows, you could also discover a plain thing or two. Therefore without further adieu…

Ever think those repetitive pokes on Facebook are annoying, or the man whom constantly winks at you on OkCupid needs a distended eye by now? Perhaps your boyfriend “likes” every thing you post and stalks your Foursquare and Twitter account to understand where you might be and just exactly what you’re doing. Or hell, you’re the one maybe doing the cyber stalking. In either case, right here’s a listing of 5 recommendations I’ve compiled to create your social media encounter nevertheless well worth while whenever you’re speaking to, dating or in a relationship with a guy who’s got the possibility to see all you upgrade, tweet about and in which you check-in.

1. Chill aided by the website link liking and sharing, men.

If there’s something that annoys the crap away from me personally, it is whenever I see two dudes in a relationship blowing up each facebook that is other’s with links to videos. “Babe, you’ll think this is certainly therefore funny!” or “I laughed my ass down; I know you certainly will too!” Then comes the“like” that is beloved each and every video and remark. Listen, conserve these items for the post sex cuddling.It will make your relationship better in the event that both of you can laugh about any of it together, in individual. Plus, it’s going to spark conversation that is interesting.

2. You don’t have actually making it “Facebook official” at this time

I know Facebook fundamentally rules our everyday lives today, and then we probably don’t care much about their lives or what they’re doing if we’re not friends with somebody on Facebook.